I develop and facilitate workshops that respond to the needs of the people I am working with, always with a focus on making the subject accessible and framing the process of art making as a positive experience, whatever the outcome. Although my main focus is painting in oils and acrylics, I have delivered workshops in a wide variety of settings and artforms, including:

  • Compelling visuals inspired by cinema
  • Painting approaches: Grisaille vs. Alla Prima
  • Animal inspired pottery
  • Introduction to copper foil stained glass
  • Accessible Art History
  • Understanding Abstract Art
  • How to cope with Criticism
  • Developing a sketching habit

Through my work with North Tyneside Art Studio I have also worked with community groups, local government and university students to create projects that use art as a way to support the goals and interests of a range of participants.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch.